About Mission Oxygen

Mission Oxygen began as a overnight initiative by a community of founders and entrepreneurs across Delhi/NCR to aid and assist hospitals that were running out of oxygen to treat Covid19 patients.

Different members across this community segregated tasks according to their core competencies across crowdfunding, supply procurement, logistics, distribution/demand estimation, amplification and PR with the aim of purchasing, importing and delivering life saving concentrators to hospitals and nursing homes across the city.

Core Team

Akshay Aggarwal


Ankit Khurana


Avinash Agrawal


Barun Aggarwal


Chaitanya Aggarwal


Gautam Chopra


Gautam Ghai


Gautam Raj Anand


Girish Khera

(Scientific Animations)

Lokesh Jindal

(Sumitomo Forestry)

Mansha Kaur

(Heart On My Sleeve)

Mrigank Tripathi


Neha Tripathi


Rahul Aggarwal


Rahul Hari

(Satva Cart)

Sahil Mehta


Sameer Papneja

(A3 Charge)

Saurabh Gupta

(Capital Meters)

Shikher Gupta


Snehil Khanor


Sujata Setya


Uday Anand


Vanitha Varadarajan


Varun Aggarwal


Yash Sehgal